R v W – Historical sexual abuse charges

Another client successfully defended in a 5 day trial which concluded at Teesside Crown Court today. The Jury took only 90 minutes to decide to acquit our client (find him not guilty) on every charge, after hearing evidence over the previous 4 days.  This brought to an end a nightmare for our client, whose life had effectively been put on hold since he was invited to the Police Station to answer allegations of historical sexual abuse.  Since then he had to endure months of waiting to prove his innocence, whilst at the same time having his life disrupted by the involvement of Social Services.

This represented another successful result for the crime team, headed by Paul Watson and the Defence Barrister, Alison Pryor and assisted by our Paralegal, Emma Richardson.  It represented the culmination of months of meticulous and dedicated preparation by the team to ensure that our client’s version of events was properly put before the Jury.