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Category Archives: Child Protection and Care Proceedings

Articles explaining the Child Protection Procedure and Care Proceedings, by our Middlesbrough Solicitor.

What happens at a Child Protection Conference?

Our Family Solicitor in Middlesbrough explains what happens at a Child Protection Meeting;-

The child protection meeting will be led by the Chair; this is an independent safeguarding officer who makes sure that the meeting follows the correct schedule.

There will also be a minute-taker at the child protection meeting, who writes down everything that happens, to allow a report to be provided to everyone involved.

At the meeting it has to be decided whether the child is at “continuing risk of significant harm”.

The test for this is in three parts;-

1. The child can be shown to have suffered ill-treatment or impairment of health or development as a

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Changes to Legal Aid – April 2013

Family Solicitors

Our Middlesbrough Solicitor writes about the legal aid changes to family law;-

So the 1st April 2013 has brought major changes to welfare and benefits and your entitlement to legal aid – but what does this actually mean to you?

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Child Law – What is the ‘no order principle’?

Family Solicitors

Our Middlesbrough Family Solicitors explain;-

This is a really important principle that the court must always consider. The court must start from the position that no order shall be made unless the court ‘considers that doing so would be better for the child than making no order at all’.

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Child Law – The role of the Children’s Guardian

What is a Childrens Guardian?

Children’s Guardians are qualified in social work and trained and experienced in working with children and families. They are appointed by the court to represent the rights and interests of children in cases that involve social services. They are independent of social services, courts and everyone else involved in the case. Children’s Guardians work for CAFCASS or may be self-employed. Their role is to consider what is best for the child at all times during a case. The important part is that they are independent, they do not always

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Child Protection – Things to remember.

Our Middlesbrough Solicitor explains;-

Involvement with Social Services can be a very worrying time and you might have been told that you do not need a solicitor. It is very important that you do seek independent legal advice before agreeing to a working agreement or placement. We offer free no obligation initial appointments to everyone and during that appointment we will assess you for legal aid.

1. The purpose of a Child Protection Conference is to bring professionals together with the family of a child at possible risk of harm;

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Child Protection Plan – What happens next?

Our Child Protection Solicitors in Middlesbrough explain;-

At the Child Protection Conference, a date will be agreed for your first Core Group Meeting, which you will need to attend. Solicitors do not usually attend these meetings as they are informal and relaxed, but in some circumstances you can request that your Family Solicitor attends with you.

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Can a Solicitor come to my Child Protection Conference?

Our Middlesbrough Solicitor for Child Protection explains;-

Yes. Parents, carers and children are entitled to have a Solicitor present with them at a Child Protection Conference. The role of a Solicitor at a CPC is as an advisor and to offer support to the client. However, in some circumstances where the client does not feel able, the Solicitor may be able to speak on their behalf.

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Who can attend a Child Protection Conference?

Our Middlesbrough Solicitor explains;-

The parents or carers of the child will be invited to attend. The child may be invited to attend all or part of the conference, but only if they are of sufficient age and maturity to understand the procedure.

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