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Our Middlesbrough Family Solicitor explains;-

If a judge has ordered you to so something within Children Act proceedings, this is often called a Contact Activity Order. This Order can cover issues such as attending a parenting course or attending family mediation.

One particular area that the Middlesbrough Judges are focusing on at present is the need for parents to attend a ‘Separated Parenting Information Programme (also known as a PIP or a SPIP). This course is designed for parents to understand the impact a relationship breakdown can have on a child and to help parents realise that even though they are not together, a child still needs two parents who can communicate with each other.

You are not expected to attend the course together; you would attend separately. You will attend two sessions, lasting about two hours. The judge will ask for confirmation that you have attended and if you do not attend, you could be found to be in contempt of court. This is a punishable offence and will not help you with your case.

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