Family Solicitors

Our Middlesbrough Family Solicitors explain;-

When a court is considering any decision about the well-being and upbringing of a child then the child’s welfare should always be the priority of the judge. The welfare checklist sets out for the court and the professionals all the areas that must be considered when making a decision about a child, whether this is about child contact, child residence or other orders.

It comprises of;-

  1. The wishes and feelings of the child;
  2. The physical, emotional and educational needs of the child;
  3. The likely effect of any change of circumstances;
  4. The age, sex, background of the child that are relevant;
  5. Any harm the child has suffered or is likely to suffer ;
  6. How capable each parent is of meeting the child’s needs;
  7. The range of powers and orders available to the court under the Children Act 1989.


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