Our Middlesbrough Solicitors in Children Law explain;-

When do Social Services become involved in private child law cases?

Social services, known as ‘Children’s Services’ or alternatively, the local authority, will sometimes become involved in a child residence or child contact case. This is usually in place of CAFCASS.

Social Services can become involved for a number of different reasons. One could be that you already have a social worker involved with your family. If this is the case then it is likely that the judge will ask the social worker to prepare a report about your case. See below for more information on reports.

CAFCASS may initially carry out what are known as safeguarding checks for the judge. This means that they will check police information and social services’ records to see if they have ever been involved with your family. If they have then CAFCASS will inform the court of this. If the judge thinks a report is necessary he/she will then direct that the social worker carries out a report. Please see below for more information on reports.

If social services have never been involved then CAFCASS will normally keep hold of your case, unless during the course of their investigations they believe that what are known as ‘safeguarding concerns’ exist. This means that the CAFCASS officer believes that the child may be at risk of harm or suffering harm. If this is the case then a referral will be made to social services and they will become involved in your case.

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