Family Solicitors

Our Middlesbrough Family Solicitor explains;-

A ‘Wishes and Feelings Report’ is what it says; it is a report carried out by CAFCASS to look at what the child is saying. Such reports are not suitable in all cases and are much widely used with older children where they clearly have their own views about issues such as contact, residence and change of name.

This report does not take in to account what parents are saying and will focus on the child only. This can be a really useful report, especially if a child has quite strong views and is able to express him/herself. It also gives the child the chance to be involved in the decision making process and to feel that they have been given a ‘voice’.

Equally, there are many circumstances where such a report is not suitable.

Usually, a Wishes and Feelings Report does not require the same level of detailed work involved in the preparation of a Section 7 report and can usually be completed in about 8 weeks.

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