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 RSPCA Defence

criminal-solicitor-middlesbrough RSPCA Defence Criminal Solicitors Middlesbrough 

Paul Watson is a leading RSPCA Defence specialist, who has successfully defended many RSPCA prosecutions – a particularly notable case being RSPCA v Nadian, reported nationally in The Times.

A specialist area of law, defending an RSPCA case requires an experienced Solicitor with a proven success rate. For many, an animal is a much loved family pet and the possibility of having their animal taken away is very distressing.

If you need help in defending an RSPCA prosecution, you should seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity to make sure you can protect your rights.

Even if you are guilty of causing unnecessary suffering or similar RSPCA based offences, there could be mitigating factors that you could put forward to reduce any sentence, for example;-

  • Your previous character;
  • Matters particular to you, such as illness, disability, family difficulties.

We will assist you in putting forward mitigating factors in your own case.

We offer free initial consultations, without obligation.  Subject to financial eligibility, Legal Aid is available in respect of any court proceedings.  We offer fixed prices for attending court to represent you, if you do not qualify for legal aid.


Call us on 01642 293427 and our Crime Team will assist you.


 Why use our firm to defend your RSPCA defence case? 

  • Very experienced team who have successfully defended many RSPCA cases, including causing unnecessary suffering, animal cruelty, animal neglect and other offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006;
  • Free first appointment, with no obligation;
  • Fixed prices for representation if you do not qualify for legal aid;
  • Award winning, trustworthy law firm;
  • Highly rated solicitors, with many positive testimonials on both our website and Facebook.


Please call us or alternatively complete our Contact Form to make an enquiry. Please make sure that you provide a contact telephone number so that we can call you to discuss your case.  We will not use your number to pressure you into instructing the firm, it is your choice who you choose to represent you.