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Paul J Watson Solicitor – Middlesbrough FGM Solicitors




Paul J Watson Solicitor - Middlesbrough FGM Solicitors

There are few specialists in this relatively new area of law.  If you need protection, for yourself or someone else, you need advice from an experienced professional.  Likewise if you have been accused of practising or arranging FGM, whether as part of a Care case or in criminal proceedings, our Team can offer specialist advice and knowledge.
Our Head of Department, Pam Kandola, is experienced in FGM cases, having represented clients in some of the limited number of cases undertaken nationally.  Pam is a member of the NE FGM Partnership Board, which is dedicated to tackling FGM in Teesside.

We appreciate that this is both a very sensitive personal and cultural matter and our staff have been specially trained to deal with cases involving FGM with sensitivity and discretion.

Our Solicitors, Paralegal and Practice Manager took part in FGM awareness training provided by Susan Mansaray of Purple Rose, to ensure that they understand the cultural aspect of FGM and the beliefs and health complications involved.

 Where else can I get support?

You can obtain specialist support from the Halo Project on FGM related matters.  This local charity provides advice and support to women and girls on FGM, honour based violence, domestic abuse and forced marriage.

Call our Family Team on 01642 293427 for a free initial consultation with no obligation.