Our Family Solicitors in Middlesbrough explain;-

Not everyone is ready for family mediation at the same stage in separating, so the mediator needs to find out whether it is suitable for both of you. This is often done at an assessment and information meeting, when any concerns and questions you might have can be addressed. The mediator will also check eligibility for free publicly funded mediation and explain charges if you are not eligible.

If you decide not to mediate, this stage is necessary if you want to go to court, as the court will expect a certificate from the mediator saying whether or not the case is suitable for mediation before you can start court proceedings.

The mediator will speak to you briefly about the process to ensure you understand how it works. They will then contact the other party and have the same conversation with them. Sometimes mediators prefer to do this face to face, rather than on the telephone.

Further meetings will be scheduled, at which you might work on communication issues, renewing arrangements for residence or contact with children, exchanging financial information and considering available options. The mediator may suggest other help, such as financial advice or support for your children. Between meetings it is advisable for parties to seek advice from their solicitors; this allows for any questions to be answered and the relevant advice to be given.

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