By our Middlesbrough Divorce Solicitors;-

In today’s society, people who are experiencing matrimonial problems do not necessarily think about contacting a Divorce Solicitor straightaway for legal advice. Many do not want to finalise the end of the marriage by racing down the route of divorce and there are other options.

That’s why at Paul J Watson Solicitor in Middlesbrough, we offer a free 30 minute consultation with a Divorce Solicitor, who can talk to you about the areas of divorce or separation which worry you the most. We can provide practical legal advice relating to marriage counselling and refer you to Family Mediation specialists, who are experienced in trying to resolve matters which may have had an impact as to your feelings towards your spouse. This may resolve matters or perhaps sadly deepen your wish to end your marriage. If the latter is the case, our Divorce Solicitor can guide you through the divorce procedure required to legally dissolve your marriage.

In addition, you may wish to contact our Divorce Solicitor in relation to separating from your spouse. Perhaps you are worried as to the financial implications of separation. We can advise you in relation to the possibility of a Separation Agreement and also any welfare benefits that you may be entitled too.

You may have concerns regarding your rights to your children. Matters which may arise include; Contact, what level should parents expect? Can I take my child on holiday? My spouse won’t allow me contact, what can I do? In addition, child maintenance is also a concern for both parents, which our Divorce Solicitor can fully advise on.

Whatever the issues, our Divorce Solicitor aims to resolve matters as amicably as possible, reducing the stress and the cost to you.

Contact our Middlesbrough Divorce Solicitors for further legal advice on divorce, separation, matrimonial problems, child contact, child maintenance and financial matters (ancillary relief).