Our Family Solicitors in Middlesbrough explain;-

No, mediation can be used for the majority of cases where a dispute arises between families. Mediation is often a successful service for discussing matters in relation to children or organising contact and residence. Mediation can be assessed in every circumstance to see whether it would be a suitable way to resolve a disagreement.

Statistics suggest that agreements reached at mediation have a higher success rate; this is mainly due to the fact that both parties have mutually agreed the arrangements. Mediation has obvious advantages, especially when children are involved, as it removes a degree of hostility and confrontation.

The New Family Procedure Rules 2010 Mediation Protocol also ensures that mediation is considered in relation to applications for children; this includes disputes about contact and residence, save for in emergency circumstances.

Mediation can also be considered during proceedings and if a Judge believes that the parties would benefit from mediation then the court proceedings can be postponed whilst mediation is reconsidered.

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