Free Legal Advice at Police Stations

Everyone receives free legal aid to have a solicitor represent them at the police station, regardless of financial circumstances.

Do you know the difference between a duty solicitor and a trusted local solicitor? THERE ISN’T ONE! Most local criminal solicitors are on a rota which means that they are on duty on certain days/nights in case someone needs a criminal solicitor and doesn’t already have one.

But you never have to use a solicitor that you don’t already know if you don’t want to and you never have to use the duty solicitor.

Our specialist Criminal Solicitors live in Middlesbrough and will come straight out to the police station as soon as the Police confirm they are ready to interview.

You always have the right to choose and if you use a duty solicitor at the police station, you can still come to us for any case after that if you want to.

Call outs – 07949 186 589 out of hours or call our Crime Team, during office hours on 01642 293427.