Our Middlesbrough Family Solicitor explains;-

A court may ask the local authority for a welfare report when they are considering any private law application under the Children Act 1989 i.e. an application for residence, contact, prohibited steps order or specific issues order.

When compiling such a report, the author should use the headings as outlined below as a framework:

The report must cover:-

  1. Background;
  2. History of Children’s Services’ and other agency interventions;
  3. Profile of each child;
  4. Profile of each adult who is a party to the proceedings;
  5. The response of the family members to the current circumstances;
  6. A summary of the social worker’s assessment;
  7. The social worker’s comments regarding the welfare checklist (see below);
  8. The social worker’s comments regarding the ‘no order’ principle (see below) and its relevance to this case.

The social worker’s recommendations should take into account the orders available to the Court under the Children Act 1989 – see sections below on Section 8 Orders and Family Assistance Orders. If there are any doubts about the recommendations that may be made to the Court, the social worker should seek advice from the Legal Department.

It is common for the preparation of the report to take approximately 14 weeks.

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