At Paul J Watson, Family Law Solicitors in Middlesbrough, we believe that disputing parties in family law matters should be encouraged to resolve problems amicably, rather than proceeding to Court immediately, if at all possible. This avoids the stress and the expense of prolonged court proceedings for our clients.

Resolution is a family law group which encourages family lawyers to help clients resolve their differences and come to an agreement in a constructive and non-confrontational way. Family Lawyers who are members of Resolution must abide by its Code of Practice, which is designed to promote “an approach to family law that is sensitive, constructive, cost-effective and most likely to result in an agreement”.

You can find out more about the Resolution Family Law organisation by visiting their website. That site contains special advice for anyone who is experiencing a family dispute.  There are lots of helpful guides and factsheets you can read here.

Our Family Law Solicitors are members of Resolution and are committed to its Code of Practice: