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Criminal Law

Our team of specialist criminal solicitors are focused on getting you the best possible result.

Drug Possession Supply Middlesbrough - Paul J Watson Solicitor

Looking for Drcriminal-solicitor-middlesbroughugs Offence Solicitors to represent you?  At PJW we have 30 years' plus experience, so whether you are accused of drug possession, drug supply, conspiracy to supply or drug importation, you can be confident that we will offer you a robust defence, challenging Prosecution evidence wherever possible.

Given that convictions of any kind can have a serious impact on your life, employment, liberty and future employability, we realise that your individual case is very important. We offer no-nonsense advice, explaining what sentence you could receive and when you should or should not offer a guilty plea.

If we believe that the drugs prosecution's case can be reasonably challenged, we will absolutely do so, whether this is at the Police Station, Magistrates Court or Crown Court.

Remember that it is free to have a Solicitor with you at the Police Station, so you should always make sure that you have one.  We offer a free 24/7 call out service, just call us on 07949 186589 and we will arrange to attend with you.


 Privately paid and legal aid cases 

We also take on both privately paid and legal aid cases for drugs cases.  Advice at the police station for drug offences or any other type of offence is always free of charge to everyone and is not subject to means testing. This means that it is free no matter how much money you have or whether or not you are working.

For Magistrates Court and Crown Court drug offence cases, we will assist you in making an application for legal aid.


 Why use our Drugs Offences Solicitors to defend your case? 

  • Very experienced team who have successfully defended many drug cases, from minor possession to large conspiracy cases;
  • Free first appointment, with no obligation;
  • Free call out to and advice at the police station;
  • Experienced in defending both adults and young people with matters involving drugs, particularly those from vulnerable groups;
  • Award winning, trustworthy law firm;
  • Highly rated solicitors; read our positive feedback on both our website (Our Reputation) and Facebook with defending drugs cases.

 What types of drug offences can you deal with? 

Our Criminal Solicitors can assist you in all types of Class A, B and C drug offence including Heroin, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Cannabis, Khat, etc. and all drugs conspiracy cases.

  • Possession of a controlled drug;
  • Possession with intent to supply drugs;
  • Supply of a controlled drug;
  • Being concerned in supply of a controlled drug;
  • Offering to supply a controlled drug;
  • Being concerned in offer to supply;
  • Importation of a controlled drug;
  • Production of a controlled drug;
  • Cultivation of Cannabis plants;
  • Permitting premises to be used for supply, possession or production of controlled substance;
  • Smoking drugs or using prepared opium;
  • Obstruction of the police.

Call us first for a strong, no nonsense Criminal Defence team in Middlesbrough you can trust to defend your drugs case on 01642 293427.

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