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Fraud Solicitors in Middlesbrough

If you are suspected of committing fraud, or any other case involving potential dishonesty (theft, theft from employer, dwelling house burglary, commercial burglary, obtaining by deception, handling stolen goods, etc), you need expert advice from a Criminal Solicitor experienced in fraud and related cases at the earliest opportunity to ensure your rights are protected and the allegations challenged by putting forward a strong defence.  


We are  experienced Solicitors in Middlesbrough who offer straightforward, honest advice and are consistently highly recommended by our existing and past clients.

 Our Middlesbrough Solicitors' Fraud Defence Service  

We can assist you at either the investigation or court proceedings stage, assembling a team of solicitor, expert and barrister for more serious cases.


Having us with you at the Police Station arrest or voluntary interview is free of charge, as legal aid is available for everyone regardless of their financial circumstances.  Having us with you whilst the Police fraud investigators undertake your interview will ensure your defence to the charges is put forward from the outset.

Read our reviews and see why we are one of the highest rated solicitors in Middlesbrough.





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 The possible aggravating or mitigating factors of a  fraud case  

The total amount involved;

Whether the fraud has continued for a long time;

The use to which the money is put;

How the offence began/If it has been planned in advance;

Whether the fraud involves acting with others and if so, what your role was;

Whether it involves false identity;

Whether it involves forged or falsified documents;

Whether any of the money has been voluntarily repaid;

Your previous character;

Matters particular to you, such as illness, disability, family difficulties.

We will assist you in putting forward mitigating factors in your own case.

We offer free initial consultations, without obligation.  Subject to financial eligibility, Legal Aid is also available in respect of any court proceedings.  We offer fixed prices for attending court to represent you, if you do not qualify for legal aid.


 Call us on 01642 293427 and our Crime Team will assist you 


 Why use our Solicitors to defend your Fraud case? 

  • Very experienced team based in Middlesbrough who have successfully defended fraud cases and other cases involving an element of dishonesty;
  • Free first appointment, with no obligation;
  • Fixed prices for representation if you do not qualify for legal aid;
  • Award winning, trustworthy law firm;
  • Highly rated solicitors, with many positive testimonials on both our website and Facebook.

 Other types of fraud and dishonesty cases our Solicitors can help with  

  • Fraud;
  • Conspiracy to Defraud;
  • False representation to obtain benefits;
  • Obtaining by deception;
  • Robbery;
  • Money laundering/Criminal Property/Proceeds of Crime Act;
  • Commercial burglary/dwelling house burglary/domestic burglary;
  • Theft/theft from employer;
  • Taking Without Consent (TWOC)/Aggravated Vehicle Taking;
  • Shoplifting.

Even if you do not see your offence listed above, it is very likely that we can still assist, as we cannot list each and every offence.  Please call us at our Middlesbrough office for initial advice or make an enquiry using our contact form.  Please make sure that you provide a telephone number so that we can call you.  We will not make repeat calls to you if you decide not to instruct us, nor will we pressure you to instruct our firm.