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Previous Reviews of Paul J Watson Solicitor

In August 2017, we changed our Reviews page to include star ratings. Previous Reviews submitted via our site have been copied below so that they are still visible.

Definitely recommend these.

Lorraine T. via Facebook comment on our post - 6/8/2017

Best Solicitor to use, really takes on board your situation to help

Samantha D. via our reception comments box - 19/07/2017

Very good service.  Prompt appointment same day.

Daniel J. via our reception comments box - 23/06/2017

Were do i start i was haveing problems and from me 1st phone up when inwas so nevers explain what was going on i was spoke to nicely and arrange a meeting and then on pam took my case on and i cant thank u all enough for what urs have done for me and my family if it wasnt for how hard pam and louise worked and fought with us i dont know what would of happend so wanna thank pam and lousie so much xx

Laura F. via Facebook - 23.05.17

Paul Watson has been my solicitor for 20 plus years always been there never lets you down.

Ray H. via Facebook - 25.03.2017

Thks Damian for your services.. would recommend this company to anybody.

Sharon L. via Facebook- 24.03.2017

I found Paul J Watson Solicitors fabulous and would use them again without hesitation. Pam was a fantastic listener and listened to everything I told her. Pam was great and made me feel happy with what was happening. - Client rated our service “Extremely Satisfied” via her client feedback questionnaire.

Samantha M. via Client Feedback Questionnaire 27.02.2017

Pam was very good, nothing too much trouble for her. She helped me a lot. (Client “Extremely Satisfied” with overall service received from us).

Joyce B. via Client Feedback Questionnaire – 14.2.17

They are a brill firm had them few years ago.

Julie T. Via Facebook - 8.2.17

I no this. Paul Watson. Is The best honest. Solicitor U will. Ever. Meet I went. To the test. But. Came back to the best.

Mark H. Via Facebook - 6.2.17

Been using these for years spot on.

Michael C. Via Facebook 30.01.17

Couldn’t have asked for anyone to help me the way Pam Kandola did, she is brilliant and caring.All I can say about about Pam Kandola is “fantastic” listened and was very caring. I have been with Paul J Watson for years, your service and Pam are fantastic. I just want to say thank you for all your help.

Lisa S. Via Client Feedback Questionnaire 20.1.17

We needed a good criminal lawyer for a family member. The initial firm we were with had done nothing for us so I called Paul Watson solicitors. From that first call onwards we felt like the team cared. Everyone that we spoke to was professional, honest with us and responsive. We were informed on every stage. Even when there was no update we were contacted at least once a week so we never felt forgotten. From our family member’s side, instead of being treated like a criminal, he felt he was treated with respect and listened to. Paul Watson was a credit to the case and I honestly think it is because of himself and his team that we received the best outcome possible. I cannot do enough to thank them all and would highly recommend Paul Watson Solicitors to anyone looking for a solicitor.

Lauren Saville

Where do I start, first of all, I don’t do “Snakebook” but this is a genuine review that Damian and Paul will confirm. I needed representation at short notice for the pending brush with the failing, rotting corrupted judicial system. Damian was straight on the case and worked hard against Judges and prosecutors to have the best possible outcome for me. Circuit Judges, that have private law firms representing the very same type of defences, which they’re sending people to prison for….. Contradicting judging?! (Yes Damian, I know my stuff too�) anyway, I received the best outcome possible with the help of Damian and I met Paul in the process too. Two real Gents, just wish we didn’t meet in them circumstances. So for now, I’ll do what I have to do and then fly below the radar again for another 30 odd year! I’d recommend you to anyone needing your service, thanks Damian, Paul and the rest of your staff I didn’t meet.

Inda K. Via Facebook - 14.1.17

I used Paul in 2015. Excellent service and I couldn’t think of a better person to represent you if you need a solicitor.

Stevie W. Via Facebook 15.12.16

Brilliant advocate. Many thanks Damian.

Graham R. Via Facebook 14.12.16

Recommend you to anybody after my appointment with Rebecca today.

Turnbull L. Via Facebook - 9.12.16

I worked with Damion when visiting here – I couldn’t of asked for a better Solicitor! He went above and beyond to make sure I was ok and everything was organised! He even checked in with me after it was all over to make sure I was ok! I would highly recommend Paul J Watson – especially Damion to anyone who needs representing! Thanks again.

Jessica Rose L. - 16.11.16

Thanks Damian from pj watsons for defending my son today excellent.

Daz S. Via Facebook - 15.11.16

Can’t thank this firm enough for representing my husband in a court case to have his son live with us. All involved were fantastic. We got the outcome we set out to get. DADs do win!!

Jane D. Via Facebook 22.10.16

Great news , sounds like a boro solicitor who actually cares more about people than money x

Douglas V. via Facebook 20.10.16 - In response to our award win for Diversity and Inclusion.

You have certainly been there for us when needed 10/10 people should know. Great family and great company x

Mark H. - via Facebook comment 18/9/2016

I would like to thank Pam, for her good work so pleased xx

Julie W. via Facebook comment – 11/9/2016

Excellent solicitor and firm.

Mary E. (26/08/16 via Facebook comment).

This bloke is the best in the north east I can highly recommend

Janice H. (15/08/16 via Facebook comment).

Mint firm….#Best… saved me.

Jay B. (22/07/16 via Facebook comment)

Been good with all mine to thanks Paul.

Jordan R. (07/04/16 via Facebook comment)

Paul is a true Expert in his field and helped me by offering excellent advice, regarding an ironic case, that could have ruined a huge part of my life. As a result of his professionalism, I can continue to rebuild my life without blemish to my character or reputation, which is vitally important to me. I highly recommend Paul to anyone in a tricky situation.=

Trish F

Went to three different places n came to this one now my court case will be sorted very soon want to say a big thank you to pam absolute wonderful woman an the rest of yous that help lives so much better now thank yous so much.

Mr Paul Watson is a kind hearted fantastic professional who is an expert in all the legal services he provides. He defends the one who has been falsely alleged irrespective of your race, origin, gender. I recommend him for Lord or Knighthood title for his unprecedented endeavour and expertise in defending those law abiding immigrants who have been wrongful accuse of things they never did. We are proud of you Mr Watson. Well done


Went to three different places n came to this one now my court case will be sorted very soon want to say a big thank you to pam absolute wonderful woman an the rest of yous that help lives so much better now thank yous so much

Andrew V. - via Facebook comment on our post – 04/04/2016

Fantastic firm, did a fantastic service.

Linda N. via Facebook comment on our post – 03/04/2016

Extremely grateful to all the help PJ Watson himself has given me & his Team excellent service and Brilliant Firm (smile emoticon).

Julie C. - via Facebook comment on our post – 22/03/2016

Popped in today to hand my son’s paper work in, lovely lady took them from me and said are you David’s mam, recommend top solicitors.

Julie W. via Facebook comment on our post –23/02/2016.

Good company.

Mark H. via our Facebook comment on our post - 21/03/16

The only firm you could trust, well done Paul.

Karim A. - via Facebook comment on our post – 21/03/2016

Gud solisitors xxxx

Lisa V. via Facebook comment on our post 10/03/2016

Popped in today excellent service (smile emoticon).

Julie C. via Facebook comment on our post – 15/02/2016

Best Lawyer In Teesside. Brilliant.

Kenneth S. - via Facebook comment on our post – 11/02/2016

Excellent these (smile emoticon).

Jay B. via Facebook comment on our post – 31/01/2016

Extremely good firm (smile emoticon) excellent… Have been brilliant with my case.

Julie C. via Facebook comment on our post 30/01/2016

Thanks Paul for handling my family case in the paper for slavery and we have had a good result, thanks again.

Mab S. via Facebook review 28/1/2016

What a firm….best in Boro hands down x

Gavin M. - via Facebook comment on our post – 18/01/2016

Brilliant firm (smile emoticon) Mr Paul J Watson is absolutely brilliant & the rest of his legal team…

Julie C. - via Facebook comment on our post – 12/01/2016