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Criminal Law

Our team of specialist criminal solicitors are focused on getting you the best possible result.

criminal-solicitor-middlesbroughSexual Offences Middlesbrough - Paul J Watson Solicitors

Being accused of sexual offences can be distressing and frightening, particularly as the potential sentence for such offences can be lengthy.  You need an experienced solicitor who is has successfully defended sex offence cases on multiple occasions, and offered mitigation where possible to reduce the sentence on guilty cases.

In Sexual Offences cases, historical sex offences, rape, or sexual assault, it is usually one person's word against another's.  In indecent images cases, expert examination of your computer or mobile phone will be needed.  You need expert advice at the earliest opportunity to make sure that your defence can be supported and put across clearly and effectively.

Paying for your Solicitors for Sexual Offences and Indecent Images

Advice at the police station for sex offences or any other type of offence is always free of charge to everyone and is not subject to means testing. This means that it is free no matter how much money you have or whether or not you are working. For Magistrates Court and Crown Court sex offence cases, we will assist you in making an application for legal aid.

We offer both a robust defence and use of expert evidence in every suitable case. Whether you have been accused of rape, indecent assault, sexual touching or possessing indecent images, you can rest assured that we have heard many different accounts over the years and we are here to advise and support you, not to judge you.

Call us on 01642 293427 and our Crime Team will assist you in making an appointment.  For urgent Police Station Solicitor callouts, please call 07949 186589.

You can also complete our Contact Form and we will call you.

 Why choose our Criminal Solicitors to defend your sex offence case? 

  • Very experienced team who have successfully defended many sexual offence cases;
  • Free first appointment, with no obligation;
  • Free call out to and advice at the police station;
  • Experienced in defending both adults and young people;
  • Award winning, trustworthy law firm;
  • Highly rated solicitors, with many positive testimonials on both our website and Facebook.

 Recommended Solicitors for sexual cases - Genuine client review 

I’d like to thank Paul Watson and his team for their unswerving support and dedication in securing the release of my brother from prison. My brother had some allegations of sexual misconduct made against him, this resulted in him being convicted, after two trials, and being sent to prison despite his continual denying of the offences. Mr Watson’s team continued to support my brother through an appeal which was successful and resulted in the conviction being overturned. The professionalism shown by the team has been outstanding and their knowledge application of the law was second to none.


   Our Criminal Solicitors can assist with these cases and more:

There are very few types of offence that we have not dealt with before.  Our Criminal Solicitors in Middlesbrough can help you with the full range of sexual offences, including;-

  • Rape;
  • Indecent assault on an adult;
  • Indecent assault on a child;
  • Possessing/making indecent images;
  • Assault by penetration;
  • Sexual Assault;
  • Causing sexual activity without consent;
  • Sexual activity with a child;
  • Engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child;
  • Causing a child to watch a sexual act;
  • Child sex offences committed by a young person;
  • Arranging/facilitating a child sexual offence;
  • Meeting a child following sexual grooming;
  • Abuse of a position of trust;
  • Abuse of children through prostitution or pornography;
  • Offences against a person with a mental disorder impeding consent;
  • Buggery;
  • Gross indecency.

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